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Geographical situation of Chefchaouen city.

Chefchaouen city, located in the northwest of Morocco in the Rif chain, shares land borders with the Mediterranean to the north, Taounate and Ouazzane citys to the south, Al Hoceima city to the east and Tetouan and Larache citys to the west.

How to get to Chefchaouen city.
Morocco is Europe neighbor. It is separated from Spain by only 14km through the Strait of Gibraltar. All means of transport are thus possible to go to Morocco… even by bike!
To get to Chefchaouen, it is possible to arrive to Tangier or Tetouan by boat or plane. Tangier is 118km from Chefchaouen; whereas it is only 60km from Tetouan. Then, reach Chefchaouen by taxi or bus.

Resources and attractions.

The city of Chefchaouen has many attractions and resources of tourist interest. The province is characterized by its virgin Mediterranean coast (160km) with its various archaeological vestiges, (Targha, Tiguisas, Taghssa , Jebha) . It also has several natural spaces: 170’000 ha of forest, be it 42% of the total forest area.

1. Parc Talassemtane National Park .
Talassemtane National Natural Park extends over 75’000 hectares and includes several mountainous massifs where is located the unique fir forest of Morocco. The Park is also a haven of a variety of more than 35 species of mammals including the best known: the Barbary Macaque monkey, who frequents many caves in the mountains. The fauna is rich with more than 100 species, including some such as the Golden Eagle.

2. Mountains.

The main peaks exceed 2000 metres, with splendid views. The limestone Ridge represents an important attractiveness. Its extension within the province makes a grandiose landscape.

3. 3. The Mediterranean coast.

The city of Chefchaouen enjoys 120 km coastline on the Mediterranean Sea from the mouth of Oued Laou to the Cape of fishermen, bordering El Jabha. It is the wild aspect which confers a beauty peculiar to this very varied coastline that alternates cliffs, beaches and mouths of rivers.