Chefchaouen City beautiful.

Chefchaouen City beautiful and relaxed mountain town.

Chefchaouen city is situated in the heart of Morocco’s Rif Mountains. Chefchaouen (sometimes called Chaouen) is relaxed, with very affordable accommodations, and above all, quite stunning to look at. The streets and most of the buildings in the old part of town (medina) are painted a most brilliant sky blue. The mountains which you can see at the end of every cobbled street are rugged and majestic. The clear mountain light just adds a magical touch to the place. It’s no wonder that Chefchaouen is a favorite destination for backpackers visiting Morocco. The main square in the medina is lined with cafes and filled to the brim with locals and tourist mingling easily.

The Plaza Uta el-Hammam is the heart of the medina. This is the spot to take a break, drink some mint tea and watch the world go by.

Plaza Uta el-Hammam, Chefchaouen

Restaurants and cafes line one side of Plaza Uta el-Hammam with views of the Grand Mosque and the walls of the medina. In the late afternoon locals and tourist gather in the square to chat and watch the world go by. Food stalls are set up as the sun sets, offering all kinds of delicious snacks. The restaurants and cafes offer traditional Moroccan fare as well as western food.

Old City Walls in Chefchaouen, Morocco

The beautiful backdrop of the Rif Mountains are evident in this picture. The Rif Mountains offer wonderful day hikes for visitors. Your hotel or pension should be able to organize a trip for you with a dependable guide. The Rif Mountains is where most of Morocco’s marijuana is grown, so be careful not to stray too far off the path.

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